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Welcome to Filmi Chashma

A chashma is an eternal spring, ever fresh. The word also means a lens, or a filter perhaps, which gives us a point of view. The name Filmi Chashma was chosen to convey the meaning of 'building a perspective on cinema'. Our focus is good cinema, a medium that combines the best of all the arts: literature, painting, sculpture, acting, photography, graphics, dance, music with digital technologies and the Internet.

Filmi Chashma's endeavour is to spread a culture of media-viewing and media-making as part of education and play in India by :

  • Revitalising children's relationship with films and the other arts through seeing and discussing well-chosen films.
  • Developing children's analytical skills through creative activities around such screenings.
  • Nurturing children's capacities for expression by supporting them in making their own media.
  • Introducing emerging young film makers to the idea of making children's films.

    We also offer to bring Filmi Chashma packages to community spaces and schools and invite proposals from any groups ready to host their own versions of the festival. If you are interested, please drop a line at to: team at filmichashma dot org

    Filmi Chashma Children's Film Festival: for the young and young at heart

  • All around the year there are Filmi Chashma activities. From time to time we also have special events apart from the three main streams of activity. Have a look at the Filmi Chashma calendar for details of events nearest to you and get in touch if you want to be part of them.

    We offer travelling Filmi Chashma packages and invite proposals from any groups or institutions ready to host their own versions of the festival. If you are interested in partnering with us in holding a festival, please drop a line at:

    team at filmichashma dot org

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